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Introducing Australia's newest way to care for your pool

The first of its kind anywhere, we deliver all the essential pool chemicals you need to look after your pool! Our quality products are delivered to your door each month with the quantities that your pool actually needs.
With convenient and affordable packages there is no reason why your pool shouldn’t be clean all year round!

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Designed so you can spend less time maintaining your pool and more time in it...

Save Time. Tired of testing your water at the local pool shop or browsing the endless list of products? We deliver the highest quality pool chemicals direct to your door.

Saves Money. Let’s face it, maintaining your pool all year round can be quite expensive. Our boxes are affordable and tailored to your exact pool size - so you’ll only pay for what you need!

No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime. Although your pool won’t like it, you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

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Subscribe and select your pool care package.

Starting from $39, select the package that suits your pool.

Delivered to your door.

Each month, your box of pool chemicals will be delivered for FREE!

Enjoy swimming.

With simple instructions, it's never been easier to care for your pool. Don't forget to regularly clean and test your water!

Quality pool care starts with only using the most trustworthy and reliable Australian products!

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What's in the Box?


Thankyou!! My husband and I are busy professionals and often resorted to neglecting our pool for months on end. The PoolBox is super convenient and exactly what we need to keep our water clean!  

Kathy M, Drummoyne NSW

Where has this been?! The first product on the market that delivers pool care direct to your door, every month! Packaging is nice and instructions make it very easy to use. I would definitely order again.

John S, Castle Hill NSW

Was recommended to me so thought I’d give it a go as it is cheaper than what I am spending currently. It has been 2 months so far and the water quality is the best it has been! Will definitely be subscribing to the summer package next season!

Chris T, Condell Park NSW

So what are you waiting for?



The PoolBox is a monthly supply of pool chemicals delivered direct to your door. Our box is designed to provide essential maintenance needs for your pool.

Our box is tailored with set quantities of chemicals that will last one month (4 week period). A complete step-by-step guide is provided within the box – simply empty the contents into the water!

Yes, it is recommended that problem pool water be tested, treated and cleaned before using the PoolBox. Our products provide your essential maintenance needs only and they won’t be as effective in green, cloudy or murky water!

The use of regular chemicals is required for all pools in order prevent bacteria from developing – which can pose serious health risks. Ongoing treatment with quality chemicals will ensure water quality and cleanliness; so your pool is safe to swim in and looking its best!

Unfortunately, the PoolBox is compatible with and designed for chlorine pools only. We are currently working on a saltwater version which we hope to roll out soon! Please feel free to register to ensure you receive our latest updates.

No, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time – although your pool won’t like you!

Once subscribed, you are able to change your address within the “My Account” section. Alternatively you can send an email to help@poolbox.com.au

You can upgrade your package at anytime, please refer to the “My Account” section once signed in.

For best results and optimum water quality, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean your pool weekly during peak use. Our helpful guide is as follows:

  1. Skim leaves and debris

    Using your leaf skimmer or pool net, gather up leaves, insects and other floating debris from the pool’s surface.
  2. Brush

    Use a brush to remove dirt and stains that have collected on the sides and bottom of your pool.
  3. Vacuum

    Submerge your vacuum head and hose before connecting it to the filter
  4. Clean Skimmer

    Remove any debris from your pool’s skimmer/s to ensure maximum efficiency
  5. Circulate your Water

    It is important to run your pool pump each day to ensure the water is properly filtered and circulated. This circulation system is made up of the skimmer, pump, drains and filter. Keep each item clean and in good condition.
  6. Check your filter

    Screen any debris and particles from your pool water. Your filter should maintained regularly in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions.